The Luxury Magic Show Will Be Back In 2020 With A Brand New Experience

Since August 2019, The Luxury Magic Show proudly presented The Full Moon Magic Show that ran once monthly for the past 15 months. The next and final show, the 16th, in this series will take place in December. This will mark the end of this show and the beginning of a new one. Unfortunately the last show will not be a ticketed one as previously stated as now it has been booked as an exclusive private event.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who joined us during the past shows, thank you for coming and thank you for remaining loyal to the difficult terms we set out. You know what we mean :) If you missed out this time around, fear not, because 2020 brings about a great new experience for a wider audience.

We now feel it's time to bring you a brand new experience, again starring Brian Role` in a mind blowing show. This show is scheduled to run on a weekly basis from January 2020 for a limited period.

So please bookmark this page and revisit once more around mid-third week of December 2019, where we reveal more details about the new show and how to obtain tickets.

Thank You